Creating A Successful Advertising Campaign

Published: 11th December 2012
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Once you have got your website or blog up and running you will need to start thinking about your advertising campaign.

There are very many things to take into mind before charging ahead without first planning out your route. Decide on the audience to are trying to target, how you are going to target them, how much are you prepared to spend on your advertising campaign and what type of message are you trying to convey to your targeted audience.

Starting with the type of message you are going to send, the first thing you need to think about is, what does my customer want, what does he need, how is he going to benefit from the contents my advertisement ?. Your primary aim is to grab his undivided attention from the start of your message right through to the end. Make sure he can see the advantages of using your product or service as opposed to the competitions products or services. You need to really impress your future customer.

Your customer does not want to bored to death with a six page essay of verbal garbage, he will take one look at the length of the script and move on to the next email, never to return to blog or site again. I know a lot of marketers, especially beginners, who are worried about not including every little bit of information about their product. Find a happy medium where the most important points are highlighted and the less important details either skipped or included in your message in a much more condensed form, thus getting over everything you wish to tell your viewer without the essay effect. My advice is to put your important details at the beginning of your message followed by the more minor items. This entices your customer to continue reading the whole of your message looking for more information about your compelling product or service.

Try not to be too specific in your advertisement headline, a headline reading "Internet Marketing" is not going to attract the same degree of attention as a headline reading "How To Increase Your Internet Marketing Presence" or "The Way To Get More Traffic In For Your Internet Marketing". Your headline should attract your customer and make him think that his requirements can be met by reading your advertisement. Further reading should convince the customer that your product is exactly what he has been looking for assist with his own internet marketing requirements.

The object of your advertisement, blog or website is usually to build traffic, relationships or improve your reputation as an internet marketer. Once you have gained the respect and trust of your customer you will find he will remain loyal to you for a long time to come. Why should he go elsewhere when he is satisfied the service he is receiving from your company. Research appears to be pretty conclusive that it requires ten per cent less of your time, effort and money to keep an existing customer than it does do recruit a new one. Hence, look after your existing customers and they will stay loyal to you.

The subject of creating your successful advertising campaign is not something that can be covered in a short one page article such as this. It's a long term, ongoing commitment that has to be worked on regularly. There are countless courses, tutorials and programs covering the subject all over the internet. Type "advertising campaign" into Google and it comes up with one hundred and thirty six million results. Not exactly a lack of advice available is there? Just remember you are trying to please your customer, a happy customer is usually a returning customer. The sort you want.


This article was written by Derrick Wilcox, founder of Internet Marketers Choice. My aim is to help others to succeed in Internet Marketing and avoid some of the costly mistakes myself and others have made.

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